X6-16-16KG Agricultural UAV

X6-16 agricultural plant protection UAV, suspended structure,
Basic parameters of 16KG load frame:
Product Name: x6-16
Product type: suspended plant protection UAV
Product weight: 6.8kg (rack)
Expansion size: 1850 * 1620 * 670mm
Folding size: 1020 * 920 * 670mm
Product wheelbase: 1620mm
Arm size: 37 * 40MM carbon fiber tube
Medicine box volume: 16L
Operation time: 10 ~ 15 minutes (normal spraying operation time)
Spraying range: 5 ~ 7M


X6-16 Agricultural Plant Protection Machine Platform

New agricultural drones – efficient operation, fast travel, safe and stable

Streamlined body design
Beautiful and simple in appearance, the whole is waterproof and dustproof, and can be washed directly with water.

Fold connection
Very classic folding connection, easy to transport, and can be folded quickly to improve the stability of the overall frame.

Can load multiple plug types
Reinforced plug-in design, quick battery replacement, safer and more stable (AS150U/AX150/XT90 plug optional)

High power switch board

Precautions for plant protection
1. Stay away from the crowd! Safety always comes first, safety comes first!
2. Before operating the aircraft, first ensure that the battery of the aircraft and the battery of the remote control are fully charged, and then carry out relevant operations.
3. It is strictly prohibited to operate the aircraft after drinking.
4. It is strictly forbidden to fly on your head.
5. No flying in rain! Water and vapor will enter the transmitter from the gap of antenna and rocker and may cause out of control.
6. It is strictly prohibited to fly in lightning weather. This is very, very dangerous!
7. Be sure to keep the plane within your sight.
8. Fly away from high voltage lines.
9. Installing and using the remote control model requires professional knowledge and technology. Incorrect operation may cause equipment damage or personal injury.
10. Avoid pointing the antenna of the transmitter to the model, because this is the angle of the weakest signal. The radial direction of the transmitter antenna shall be used to point to the controlled model, and the remote controller and receiver shall be avoided from approaching metal objects.
11. The 2.4GHz radio wave propagates almost in a straight line. Please avoid obstacles between the remote control and the receiver.
12. In case of model falling, collision, immersion or other accidents, please make sufficient tests before next use.
13. Keep models and electronic devices away from children.
14. When the voltage of the remote control battery pack is low, do not fly too far. Check the remote control and receiver battery pack before each flight. Don‘t rely too much on the low-voltage alarm function of the remote control. The low-voltage alarm function is mainly to remind you when you need to charge. If there is no electricity, the aircraft will be out of control directly.
15. When you put the remote control on the ground, please pay attention to placing it horizontally rather than vertically. Because it may be blown down by the wind when it is placed vertically, it may cause the accelerator lever to be accidentally pulled up, causing the movement of the power system, which may cause injury.
16. It is recommended to test run the aircraft without propeller, check whether the remote control equipment and motor are normal, and install the propeller after confirmation, so as to avoid safety accidents.
17. Stay away from the running machine, do not touch the rotating propeller with your body or other parts, and do not wear loose clothes when flying, so as to avoid injury caused by involvement with the remote control or propeller.
18. Don‘t fly alone at the beginning of learning. It is recommended to ask experienced pilots for help before flying.