X4-40 Dual Battery Version Transport Drone

X4-40 dual battery version industry application transportation flight platform
Basic parameters of the rack:
Product name: X4-40
Product type: Double electric version industry application transportation large load flight platform
Product wheelbase: 2050mm
Product size: 1570*1570*670mm (expanded)
                     845*860*805mm (folded)
Product weight: 12kg (frame weight)
                          24.5kg (the highest configuration,without battery)
                          51.9kg (including double battery weight)
                          91.9kg (full load, take-off weight)
Arm size: 47*50mm
Loadable weight: 20~40kg
Fixing method: plug-in double battery version
Adapted model: YS-40 dual battery
industry application flight platform
Flight control: KX
Remote control: H12/H16
Powertrain: X11 Max (motor)
                 150A (ESC)
                48 inches (propeller)
Battery: 18S 30000mAh*2
Working time: 35 minutes (no load,take-off weight 51.9kg)
                       15~25 minutes (full load 20~40kg)


YS series industrial application UAV

YS-40 has a new structure design, a modular body design, super compatibility,
equipped with a quick-detachable dual-battery design, adopts a front and rear folded
quadrotor design, can be equipped with obstacle avoidance radar and ground defense
radar expansion, front FPV first-view It provides clear image feedback, is equipped with
a 48-inch propeller with strong power, and has a lightweight design for the whole body.
It is small in size and large in load, making it easy to carry. The maximum payload is
50kg, which is suitable for transporting mounted materials, transporting saplings, high
altitude throwing equipment and other industries