X4-10S 10KG Agricultural UAV

X4-10s agricultural plant protection UAV, suspended structure,
Basic parameters of 10kg load frame:
Product Name: x4-10s
Product type: suspended plant protection UAV
Product wheelbase: 1216mm
Product size: 1216*1026*630mm (expanded)
620*620*630mm (folded)
Product weight: 1.12kg (weight of 10L water tank)
4.6kg (rack weight)
141.5kg (the highest configuration,battery)
24.9kg (full load, take-off weight)
Arm size: 37*40mm
Medicine box volume: 10L
Spray width: 3~6 meters
Working efficiency: 60 acres/hour
Flight control: K++V2/V9 AG/ PALADIN
Remote control: H12/T12
Power system: X8 100kv (motor)
100A (ESC)
3090 (Propeller)
Spraying system: 5L water pump
(voltage: DC44-60.9V)
pressure sprinkler
Battery: 12S 16000mAh
Hover time: 24 minutes (no-load hover 12S
22000mAh 10 minutes (full-load hover 12S


X4-10s agricultural plant protection UAV – suspended – professional structure matching

New agricultural UAV – efficient operation – fast travel, stability and efficiency

X4 series classic stable agricultural drone
X4-10S stable version of plant protection UAV, adopts encircling four-rotor folding,
equipped with suspended water tank battery, the center of the fuselage is connected and
fixed, which can effectively improve the overall frame strength, dustproof and waterproof,
using a 30-inch power system is strong and powerful, the whole body Lightweight design,
easy to control, multi-mode flying control plant protection operation. Maximum payload
volume 10L