SKYRC PC2500 45A 12/14S 2500W Charger with Built-industry CAN Bus Communication for Smart Battery Lithium Battery

SkyRC PC2500 is an intelligent charger that integrates CAN communication for smart batteries and ordinary lithium batteries.

It can connect four batteries at the same time. The charger’s maximum output power is up to 2500W, with three modes: Fast(Fast Charge), Charge(Slow Charge), Storage.

The charger can recognize the batteries with customized CAN communication instantly.
Charging is convenient and straightforward with a better user experience.


Product parameters:
Size and Weight:
Housing Material: Plastic (Flame Retardant PC+ABS)
Size: 294mmx139mmx282mm
Weight: 5.6Kg

Power Supply:
AC Input: 100-240V
Charging Power:

Type:Lithium Battery
LiPo Battery Cells: 12S/14S
LiHV Battery Cells:12S

AC 220V
Fast Charge Current: max. 45A single channel
Slow Charge Current: max. 20A single channel; max. 45A multi channels in total

AC 120V
Fast Charge Current: max. 1200W single channel
Slow Charge Current: max. 20A single channel; max. 1200W multi channels in total

Storage Discharge Power
Main Port: 75W Max.
Balance Port: 80W Max. (The current will be adjusted based on the balance port’s temp)

Max Charge Output Power
AC220V Output Power: 2500W
AC120V Output Power: 1200W

Discharge Power:60W
Charging Mode:Fast Charge, Slow, Storage

Working and Storage:
Working Temperature: 0℃-40℃
Working Humidity: 0%-75%
Storage Temperature: -10℃-70℃
Storage Humidity: 0%-75%