SKYRC PC2200 dual-channel 12S 20A lithium battery charger 2100W agricultural drone lithium battery charger

SKYRCPC2200 high-power charger, AC input, can convert AC voltage to DC voltage,

suitable for 12S LiPo/LiHV battery charging, storage charge and discharge, internal resistance detection, dual-channel synchronous setting of this machine,

short circuit protection, reverse connection protection And over-temperature protection function.

With one-button charging operation function, etc.


Size: 310x202x113mm

Weight: 5.8Kg

LCD display

Chinese display

AC input: 110-240V

Charging power: 1044W*2

Discharge power: 100W (50W*2)

Battery type: lithium polymer battery/high voltage lithium battery

Number of batteries: 12

Charging current: 1.0A-20.0A*2

Discharge current: 2.0A *2

Balance current: 1000mA-1500 mA/section

Safety time: 1-720 (need to set) minutes off

Charging mode: precise charging, fast charging, storage mode, butler mode

Working temperature: 0℃-40℃

Working humidity: 0%-75%

Storage temperature: -10℃-70℃

Storage humidity: 0%-75%