JIYI K++ V2 Flight Control Dual CPU with Obstacle Avoidance Radar Terrian Height Radar for Agriculture Spraying Drone UAV

Intelligent control: The controller can be controlled independently by a mobile phone or tablet, and it is very convenient to operate.
Spare parts: A variety of accessories for your aerial drone, you can install it on any flat surface.
Powerful and durable: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, strong and durable, not easy to rust, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, can be used for a long time


Supported multi-rotor types
Quadrotor (+, X)
Six rotors (+, X, IY and YI coaxial twins)
Eight rotors (+, X, V)
Supported ESC Type: 490HZ PWM ESC
Maximum output: channel 8 channels
Recommended remote control type: SBUS receiver
Supported receiver types: PPM, S-BUS receiver
Support for expansion equipment: Radar, K-BOX, IOT, RTK, digital transmission, flow sensor module, FPV Camera
Working voltage: 2-12S
Power consumption is less than 5W
Working environment temperature -10-60 degrees
Storage ambient temperature -25-60 degrees
Seismic rating <1G
Flight characteristics

Hovering accuracy Horizontal direction ±1.5 m
Vertical direction  ±0.5 m
Maximum tilt angle 30 degrees
Maximum yaw speed 150 degrees / sec
Maximum vertical speed 6 m / s
Wind resistance, continuous wind: level 5

Flight mode and functions:

Model of posture, GPS, AB, course assignments, a key turned out of control protection, continue to work out of control, and low voltage protection, fences, log storage capabilities, landing lock function, the function of a no-fly zone, shock protection, lost star protection function, active noise reduction function, the motor sequence detection, direction detection, double pump mode, fault protection function, precision spraying, water pump switch control, water pump linkage control.