High altitude cleaning drone

High altitude cleaning drone
Basic parameters of the rack:
Product type:Application of high-altitude cleaning drone industry in transportation of heavy-duty flight platforms
Product wheelbase: 2050mm
Product size: 1570 * 1570 * 670mm (unfolded)
845 * 860 * 805mm (folded)
Product weight: 12kg (rack weight)
24.5kg (maximum configuration, without battery)
91.9kg (full load, takeoff weight)
Arm size: 47 * 50mm
Load capacity: 20-40kg
Fixed method: plug-in high-altitude cleaning drone
Adapted model: YS-40 industry application flight platform
Flight control: KX
Remote control: H12/H16
Power system: X11 Max (motor)
150A (electrically adjustable)
48 inches (propeller)
Battery: 18S 30000mAh * 2
Working time: 45 minutes (unloaded, takeoff weight 51.9kg)
15-25 minutes (full load 20-40kg)