40kg load industry application transportation drone

YS-40 industrial application transportation flight platform
Basic parameters of the rack:
Product name: YS-40
Product type: industrial application transportation heavy load flight platform
Product weight: 20-24kg (maximum configuration, excluding battery)
Product load: 20-40kg
Expanded size: 1570*1570*800mm
Folding size: 860*846*935mm
Product wheelbase: 2050mm
Arm size: 50mm carbon fiber tube
Hovering time: no-load hovering for 40min (14S@30000mAh*1 group & take-off weight 28kg)
                        No-load hovering for 60min (14S@30000mAh*2 groups & take-off weight 36kg)
                        Full load 20kg hovering for 30min (14S@30000mAh*1 group & take-off weight 48kg)
                        Hovering for 45min with a full load of 20kg (14S@30000mAh*2 groups & take-off weight 56kg)
                        Full load 40kg hovering for 20min (14S@30000mAh*1 group & take-off weight 68kg)
                        Full load 40kg hovering for 25min (14S@30000mAh*2 groups & take-off weight 76kg)
Recommended configuration: flight control (optional)
                 Powertrain: X11
                 Battery: 14S 30000mAh


YS-40 Industry Application Transportation Carrying Flight Platform

Suspended transport rack with foldable arms for fast transport tasks
The YS-40 transport platform is light and foldable, with strong compatibility, and has a 40kg load.
Compatible with 20~40kg load,it can carry two sets of 14S30000mAh batteries. integrated modular,It can quickly complete the installation of the whole machine,and is compatible with a variety of flight control systems and power systems. Can carry a variety of transport boxes.

Fuselage structure

The fuselage frame is integrally formed, with a simplified modular design, high strength, and superior compatibility and reliability