1/16 RGT 136161JL Rc Electric Remote Control 4wd Wrangler Crawler Off-Road Car

The biggest highlights of the crawler: affordable by public, excellent climbing linearity, the high-angle climbing performance, and realistic bodyshell with multi-function LED lights set.
Also, 136161JL has the simple chassis structure, easy to disassemble, and the battery pack has super long running time and splash-proof functio.



Feature List:  
1. Ready to Run Model

2. Electronic System:   independent electronic system, waterproof design, “Hobby Wing” ESC with lipo battery mode.
3. Independent gearbox straight axle bridge design in the front and rear drive.  All the bearing is equipped with metal gears and metal drive shaft.
4. High-performance RC 370 carbon brush motor equipped with deceleration gear, the integrated desgin ensuring the power and linearity character.
5. Realistic Bodyshell comes with the plastic accessories parts.  There have several bodyshell color available for option.
6.  High-tech multi-function simulation LED light group. Multi-modes could be freely switched as needed.
7. All-terrain  realistic wheel design and super soft grip anti-skid tire, can make the crawler easily climb a slope of more than 40 degrees straightly.